Contemporary Vietnamese art on show in Southern California

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An exhibition featuring the works of Vietnamese-born and based contemporary artists is currently open at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, southern California until June 13.

The show reflects the immigrant experience and convergence of Eastern and Western ideology both in the US and Vietnam.

The exhibition, titled "Ascending Dragon," is part of the US State Department sponsored Ascending Dragon Music Festival and Cultural Exchange program to honor the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi.

The exhibition features the work of Tiffany Chung, the late Vu Dan Tan, Phung Huynh, Pipo NguyenDuy, Christine Nguyen and Tam Van Tran with the artists using a wide variety of platforms to convey their messages.

"Since we are so fortunate to have a large population of Vietnamese immigrants here in Southern California, we decided that it would be interesting to exhibit artists from Vietnam as well as artists of Vietnamese decent," said Sinead FinnertyPyne of the Armory Center for the Arts.

For example, Pipo Nguyen-Duy, a native of Vietnam but educated and currently residing in the US, explores the American landscape through a post-9/11 lens.

Tiffany Chung, among the most prominent female representatives of the Vietnamese contemporary art scene in the US, engages the audience in feeling the effects of sprawling urban development through her photographs and video work.

"We hope that this exhibition em-braces the contemporary art dialogue and shows the viability of the art move-ment in Vietnam as well as the conver-gence of Vietnamese artists working in Los Angeles," said Finnerty-Pyne.

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