City school opens traditional Cham music course

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A course in traditional Cham musical instruments opened at the Sub-Institute of Vietnam Arts and Culture in Ho Chi Minh City on March 31.

The two-month course, held by the Cham section of the city's Association of Ethnology, is for Cham people who are studying at universities and colleges in HCMC.

Cham artisan Thien Sanh Them, 64, will teach students how to play instruments, including, the ginang drum, the baranung drum, the gong, and the tambourine.

According to the organizer, the class takes place every Saturday and Sunday and in the evening every Tuesday and Thursday at 61 Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1.

The best students will be invited to perform in Cham festivals, including Rija Nagar (New Year festival), Rija Praong (harvest season), and Rija Dayep (dances at night).

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