Children's books auctioned for cancer charity

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Four books by Vietnam's top children's book author Nguyen Nhat Anh will be auctioned online to raise funds for children with cancer until the end of this month.


Kinh Van Hoa (The Kaleidoscope), a series that began in 1995, will be on sale on and until midnight Saturday.


The websites will receive bids until July 31 for Anh's three short stories, including Toi La Beto (I am Beto), a book about a puppy published in 2007, Cho toi xin mot ve di tuoi tho (Give Me a Ticket Back to Childhood), published in 2008, and Dao mong mo (Dream Island), which came out in 2010.

The books auctioned will have Anh's signature and his favorite part of the stories written by himself.


The starting price for the individual books is VND500,000 and bids must be increased by VND100,000 or while the starting price for the whole Kaleidoscope series is VND2 million (US$105) and each subsequent bid must be at least VND300,000 more than the previous.  


All money earned from the auction will be given children under cancer treatment at the Ho Chi Minh City Tumor and Cancer Hospital.


The auction began Saturday last week as part of "Nu cuoi cua Ben" (Ben's Smile), a project created by journalist Ngo Thanh Thuy in August 2008, six months after her son Tran Ngo Vu Khoi, aka Ben, died of kidney cancer.

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