Chao Belo

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Haitian singer Belo will play a one-night engagement at the Youth Theater in Hanoi on June 5.

Born in Haiti in 1979, Belo is a young composer, guitarist and singer. He is the winner of numerous awards including the prestigious "Prix RFI Discoveries 2006.

His musical style is known as "ragganga, combing different aspects of reggae, ragga, blues, jazz and "raras traditional Haitian voodoo rhythms. He sings in his native language, Haitian, with a rich and colorful tone.

After his two albums Lakou Trankil (Soley Sounds - 2005) and Référence (NatiProd - 2008), this year Belo is going to introduce another album, of which some of the profits will be used to fund the construction of schools in Haiti.

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