Cham treasures from Vietnam museum off for New York showcase

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A relief of Hindu creation god Brahma at Champa Sculpture Museum in Da Nang is one of five 'national treasures' set to travel to a New York museum for exhibition

Five Champa relics from a Da Nang museum in central Vietnam have been borrowed for display at a US museum from the end of March until July.

The Da Nang government has agreed to lend the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York all five Cham relics at the Champa Sculpture Museum for the purpose of researching the kingdom of Champa, news website VietNamNet reported. The kingdom ruled, with Hindu and Buddhist influences, over what is now central Vietnam from around the 7th century through to 1832.

The relics include reliefs of a god, a half- goddess, and the Hindu creation god Brahma, as well as the statues of the Hindu elephant-headed god Ganesha and the Hindu supreme god Shiva the destroyer.


According to documents at the Da Nang museum, the Brahma relief dates back to the 7th century, telling about the birth of the god, and has been kept at the museum since 1935. The Ganesha statue is as old and made of sandstone, having been at the museum since 1918.

The Shiva statue was made in the 13 century in the shape of a person that is half man, half woman.

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