Celebrating the new year, H’Mong style

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There are always a lot of gatherings and great food


H’Mong people in the northern province of Son La celebrate their Lunar New Year during the last lunar month, one month earlier than other parts of the country, when the flowers start blooming. Photo credit: VnExpress
They clean their houses and especially the altars, make traditional rice cakes, prepare the best dresses, and then party. The holiday feasts must not have soups, according to H’Mong traditions. 
 The banh day sticky rice cake is believed to be the symbol of the moon and the sun, which help create life on earth. Thus it is a crucial part of the year’s biggest festival.
 One visitor (L) tries making banh day with a local. Each family makes between 50 and 100 cakes and the cakes stay fresh through the festival.
 Each family offers a rooster to gods as the bird represents the sun.
 Women gather in the kitchen to prepare food for the holidays.
But during the first three days, which are the main celebration, the women do not have to do anything except having fun. 
Local children are often dressed in nicest clothes. 
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