Caravelle hotel offers 'green' meetings

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Guests can take an environmentally friendly step by booking a meeting package at Caravelle hotel in Ho Chi Minh city next month.

The package includes an electricity-saving scheme that makes use of natural daylight, purified water served in jugs rather than plastic bottles and reducespaper products supplied by the hotel. The price is US$34 per person for half-day meetings, and US$39 per person for full-day meetings.

A donation of US$2.30 per person who makes the booking will be given to the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment.

"We want to provide a space where eco-conscious businesses can comfortably hold events. But really it's a win-win initiative, because we the hotel share in the satisfaction of doing our part for the planet," said John Gardner, the hotel's General Manager.

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