Camkytiwa debuts in Vietnam

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Camkytiwa, a four-member band with classical musicians from Vietnam, Korea, China, and Japan, will make their debut in Vietnam on May 14.

Founded in 2000, the quartet, including Huong Thanh (Vietnam), Etsuko Chida (Japan), Yan Li (China), and E'Joung Ju from Korea, will perform Asian folk and traditional music at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music.

Among the songs they will sing are Ly qua cau (Crossing the bridge), Hoa thom buom luon (Fragrant flowers, flirty butterflies), Hototogisu Rossignol (played on koto, a Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument), Sakura, Chulgang (played on geomungo, a traditional Korean stringed instrument), Why are the flowers so red? (played on erhu, a Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument).

Huong Thanh, the Vietnamese member of Camkytiwa, comes from a well-known family of traditional musicians.

She was trained in cai luong (modern folk opera originating in southern Vietnam in the early 20th century) at the age of 10, and has performed at music festivals across Europe.

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