Calligraphers, scholars to gather at Vietnam's first capital

TN News

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Hundreds of calligraphers and ong do (cultural scholars) will gather this month in the northern province of Ninh Binh where Hoa Lu, Vietnam's first capital, was established in the 10th century.

The first "Vietnam Ong Do Meeting" on April 21 and 22 has been organized to celebrate Hanoi's 1,000th birthday.

The calligraphers and scholars will discuss ways to promote Vietnamese calligraphy and show visitors 500 calligraphy paintings.

Many records are expected to be set among the paintings, including Vietnam's longest cau doi (parallel sentences).

Often mis-translated as "traditional calligraphers," Ong do, were traditionally teachers and now are experts in many areas including but not limited to traditional calligraphy.

Most have knowledge of traditional poetry and cau doi, a literary art form in which two lines are written as poetry, with both sentences corresponding to each other's tonal patterns and individual word meaning. Cau doi are popular during traditional holidays.

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