Burgundy boy boasts and roasts at Caravelle

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Michelin-star chef Jerome Brochot is presenting his Burgundy-inspired menu at the Caravelle Hotel's Reflections Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City until August 12.

The 34-year-old Jerome Brochot is chef at Le France restaurant in Montceau-les-Mines, where he has impressed French critics by using ingredients grown on his parents' farm in the region.

Burgundy is a region famous for its cuisine culture. With beautiful hills, Burgundy is home to some of France's best chicken, beef, cheese and wine.

Brochot became a Michelin-star chef in 2006.

"I did not know when the critics came to try the food at my restaurant. But I am not too surprised when I received this award," he told Thanh Nien Weekly. "I am hard working."

He said there are six other Michelin-star chefs from Burgundy.

Thanh Nien Weekly observed one of Brochot's cooking classes at the Caravelle on August 8. The class was as expected centered on teaching participants about the flavors of Burgundy.

During the class, Brochot introduced regional specialties, including farmers guinea fowl glazed with its juices, spiced guinea fowl meat sausage with crunchy green asparagus and beans, beef tenderloin with duck liver and bone marrow and pan juice drizzled macaroni gratin, and Quercy-style lamb rack and loin on garlic comfit, with sweet pepper stew pastille.

"These are authentic dishes of the region made with its typical products," said Brochot, who added that he spends time cooking traditional French dishes not only at work but also after work for his family and friends. 

Le Nguyen, a participant at the cooking class, said she was thrilled to learn more about French cuisine, particularly about how to balance all the flavors in the right way.

"I learned how to keep the natural color of the ingredients while shaping the dish and combining main ingredients such as beef, chicken, and lamb with vegetables, mushroom, celery, carrots and wine."

During his five nights at the Caravelle, chef Brochot also offers a French menu and two set menus featuring his favorite dishes from his restaurant in Montceau.

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