Buc Tuong rocks again

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One of Vietnam's most famous metal bands is getting back together. The members of Buc Tuong held a reunion press-conference on Thursday to announce the release of their new albulm.


Tran Lap, front man of the five-member Buc Tuong (The Wall) said they had agreed to sing Bai Ca Song Hong (Red River Song) for Hanoi's millennial anniversary this year. The more they practiced, Lap said, the more they were inspired to start writing songs again.


"We realize that we should listen to our hearts' call."


Buc Tuong rocked for 12 years with legends like Da Vang (Yellow Skin), The Light, Atmosphere, Buratinox, Thuy Trieu Do (Red Tide) and Microwave. They are best known for songs like Bong hong thuy tinh (Glass Rose) and Duong den ngay vinh quang (Road to glory).


The band has practiced together for the past year but they waited until they were ready to announce their reunion.


"We always respect our audience"¦ News is spreading very fast these days. One's just a little bit careless and everyone will start talking about something that's not even close to be happening," Lap said.


The band's return coincides with the release of their fourth album titled Ngay khac (The different day) - which includes more than ten modern rock songs.


If the album is a success, Buc Tuong plans to tour the country by the end of the year with stops in all major cities.


The band leader said their new album is more consistent than their older work. Lap said they have replaced the complicated hard rock and metal chords with a more youthful modern rock style.


But Lap said he doesn't want to say much about the album as the songs will tell themselves.


"We just hope they will be warmly welcomed."


Lap said "we're still full of energy" but the style has changed.  They can't head-bang like they used to.


"We always knew how to dominate the stage. I used to lead three consecutive Rock Storms successfully with 28 big shows, so I have all it takes to make my band strong," the leader said.


Rock Storm is an annual cross-country tour that features  professional and amateur local rockers. Lately, the concert has drawn thousands of young fans in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Lap says that rock music greatly improved during their time out: there have been a lot more concerts and the bands are getting better. But Buc Tuong isn't worried.


"We feel relaxed and confident," Lap said. "No band has ever thought about confronting Buc Tuong. That is impossible."

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