British sound artist to perform in Hanoi

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A special live concert by British musician and sound artist Simon Whetham will be held at 7p.m. on June 24 in Hanoi.

Simon Whetham has been experimenting with environmental sounds since a research trip to Iceland in 2005, says a press release from the organizers - CAMA, ATK and The Onion Cellar.

It says his concerts are often based on an extensive use of field recordings captured by himself from various locations worldwide, including the Amazon Forest, the Alps, a library in London's Peckham, a decommissioned power station in Latvia.

The sounds are "heavily processed and carefully assembled to create actual musical compositions, forming new sequences and frequencies that may or may not be there in the first place, resulting in what might be termed as soundtracks to imaginary film," the release says.

It says Whetham has released at least 20 albums though numerous independent labels, run various sound installations and workshops, and performed at a large number of festivals and venues (including the famous Café Oto in London haven for all things experimental).

For more information about Simon, visit

An excerpt from Simon Whetham's Lightyears is available at

ATK bar is located on 73a Mai Hac De Street, Hanoi. Free entry.

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