British Council workshop to train local festival organizers and promoters

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British Council Vietnam will train local festival organizers in fundraising and promotion at a workshop in Nha Trang City from June 12-15, with hope to help create a new national festival in Vietnam.

This four-day workshop is the fourth in the series covering all aspects of festivals and organized by British Council Vietnam in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.

According to a press release from British Council, during this workshop, participants will learn lessons including important tips about sponsorship and fundraising for festivals.  William Culver-Dodds, associate director of Festival and Events International, will guide the learners through the different steps of fundraising.

"The British Council hopes that this project will create a stronger cultural infrastructure for the promotion of arts festivals.The core group of participants are now aiming at creating a new national festival in Vietnam," Neil Webb, British Council director for arts and creative industries East Asia said.

The proposal has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Webb said.

Famous local artists such as music composers Tri Minh and Kim Ngoc and more than other 20 arts leaders (festival producers, directors of performance troupes, theatres and culture governing bodies) will join the workshop to further learn the basics of festival organization. 

Inspired by the likes of the UK's Glastonbury festival, participants hope that in the future they can also create events with international appeal and international artists.

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