Bridge spans past and future in photo exhibit

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"˜Long Bien Bridge The Connection,' a photography exhibition by Hanoi-based expat photographer Douglas Jardine, is now open at the Maison des Arts on Van Mieu Street in Hanoi.

Over 50 black-and-white photos taken in the past six months are on display, capturing the beauty of the historic bridge, its surrounding environment as well as the lives of residents in floating houses on the Red River.

"I heard about Long Bien Bridge when I was six years old through an article about the US bombing of Hanoi, which included a picture of the bridge taken by the US Air Force and I was very interested in this monument," said Jardine, who is now the director of Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Foreign Studies of the Hanoi University.

"When I came to Vietnam five years ago, the very first thing I wanted to do was see the real bridge with my own eyes. I was so amazed that from that time, it has been a never-ending inspiration for thousands of my photos," he said at a press conference.

Explaining the title of the exhibition, the artist from Connecticut, US said "I named the exhibition "˜Long Bien Bridge The Connection' because the bridge not only spans the banks of the Red River but also spans the banks of memory and history. When we stand on the bridge in the present we are connected to the past and we gaze at the future of this land."

This is Jardine's second solo exhibition on the bridge. "˜Long Bien Bridge through Four Seasons' was held last year.

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