Brad Pitt leaves Vietnam alone

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Hollywood star Brad Pitt, who has been in Vietnam since November 10, said goodbye to his family on November 13 afternoon so he could promote his new movie "Money ball" in South Korea.

From Con Dao Island's Con Son airport, Pitt arrived at Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Son Nhat airport wearing a simple black outfit. He used the common gate instead of the VIP one. A private plane hired from South Korea was waiting for Pitt.

The famous actor had his arms wrapped around custom officers, and he agreed to pose for photos with them.

His wife, Angelina Jolie, and their six children are still enjoying their vacation at Six Senses Con Dao Resort and are expected to leave Vietnam on November 16.

According to an exclusive source to Thanh Nien, Jolie's visa allows her to stay in Vietnam until December 9.

"Vietnam" and "Con Dao" have become popular key words in global newspapers since Hollywood's golden couple "Brangelina" arrived in the country.

"Eating with Brad Pitt and Angela :-).What a special day 11/11/11"" Vietnamese banking executive Tu Nguyen posted on his Facebook status.

He also posted some photos of the movie sensations  -- Jolie wearing a one-shoulder blue dress and carrying a Louis Vuitton tote bag; Pitt in white suit with their adopted Vietnamese son Pax Thien stepping into the local restaurant Cuc Gach (Brick) on Dang Tat Street to have lunch.

The restaurant, which is noted for its plain Vietnamese delicacies and nice decoration, has garnered more fame recently thanks to visits by world-known celebrities and their autographs in the bistro's guestbook.

The good meal, which Jolie praised in the guestbook, cost approximately VND 1.5 million (US$ 71.40.)

Nguyen's Facebook status attracted many "likes" and "comments," and he seemed to be luckier than many local and international reporters who have been following the famous family somewhat unsuccessfully because of their bodyguard protection and changes to their secret itinerary.

According to Thanh Nien's exclusive source, the family even has makeup artists accompanying them, to help them disguise themselves from the paparazzi and public.

Photographer Na Son, who was hired by the Associated Press to follow Brangelina's Vietnam trip, captured the first photos of the couple.

Bombardier CRJ-900 is the Air Mekong Airlines' special aircraft that transported Brangelina family and their crew to Vietnam.

However, Truong Thanh Vu, representative of Air Mekong Airlines, refused to provide the Hollywood stars' flight schedule, renting expense and any information regarding the Jolie-Pitt family vacation, because of an exclusive contract with them.

The family flew to Six Senses Con Dao Resort, one of Vietnam's popular coastal vacation spots, the afternoon of November 11 and rented three special villas, each of which cost between US$ 1,300 to $1,500 per night.

After some photos of the family playing on the private beach of the resort were leaked, security was strictly enhanced to ensure the celebrities' privacy. No executives of the resort are allowed to provide information about or photos of the couple.

Such protection has made it difficult for local reporters, who have had conflicts with the bodyguards when they tried to take photos of the family in Ho Chi Minh City.

During their stay at the resort, Jolie and Pitt paid a visit to Con Dao's notorious "tiger cages," prison cells first built during the French Colonial era in Vietnam.

The prison was first built in 1892, and used until 1975, the end of the Vietnam War. About 20,000 prisoners died there.

Pitt brought a camera and Jolie carried a non la (Vietnam conical straw hat.)

Many tourists found it interesting to see the celebrities on a sightseeing tour. Rumors indicate that Jolie will fly to Phu Quoc Island before leaving Vietnam.

This is "Mr. and Mrs. Smith's" the fourth visit to Vietnam since their first visit in 2005. However, this is Pax Thien's first homecoming after being adopted four years ago. They made this trip to Vietnam after visiting Tokyo on November 8.

According to Tan Son Nhat airport's custom officers, Brangelina's luggage consisted of around 50 suitcases when they entered Vietnam on November 10.

They stayed in Ho Chi Minh City's Park Hyatt Hotel for nearly one day before leaving for Con Dao Islands. 

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