Big Toe, BabyT win hip-hop competition, advance to world finals

TN News

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Big Toe and Baby.T will represent Vietnam at the R-16 Korea World Masters Championships in Malaysia and Korea after defeating local teams at the final round held in Hanoi on May 8.

The two defeated 28 teams and 130 individuals to win the categories of popping and B-boy (break dance), and will join rivals from 16 countries at the Southeast Asian round and world final in Malaysia in June and South Korea in July.

Founded in 1992 with just seven members when hip-hop first arrived in Vietnam, Big Toe has grown to 60 members.

It is the country's leading hip-hop crew, winning many national and international awards including the fourth place at SEA Competition 2005-2006, first at European Floor War 2006, Champion of Vietnam BOTY 2009, and fourth place at Asia BOTY 2009 and BOTY International 2010 in France.

Baby.T (aka Doan Chi Tin) is a 17-year-old schoolboy from Hanoi. The winner of popping said that he began practicing and performing hip hop two years ago had not expected to represent Vietnam at R-16 final competition in Korea in July.

R-16 is an annual international festival held since 2007 by the Korea Tourism Organization to promote the country.

"R" stands for "Respect," and 16 stands for the number of countries invited to the festival.

Hip-hop first immigrated to Vietnam in 1992, it is now very popular in the local music world and has developed strongly among the youth.

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