Big Brother goes Vietnamese

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The Vietnamese edition of the reality show Big Brother will screen on Channel VTV6 every weeknight from mid-November with a prize of two billion dong (US$95,300) for the winner of the first season.

Given the local name Nguoi giau mat, the program will stick to the usual format and be directed by film maker Nguyen Quang Dung, at least for the first season.

A dozen individuals from different backgrounds will be selected for the part social experiment, part "˜real life soap' and part competition. They will live in an isolated house equipped with cameras and microphones to record their every move, their every word 24 hours a day. The house is currently being built in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

However, unlike the parent program, which is broadcast live on television and the web, the daily Vietnamese episode will be broadcast after being edited to remove scenes that might cause offence.

The viewers are not passive observers. They get to decide who leaves the house, and therefore who will be the last occupant and big prize winner about one hundred days after the dozen contestants move into the house.

A mysterious character, Nguoi Giau Mat, never appears on the screen in person but does interact with the housemates through his voice. He directs the show from outside by bringing assignments and has the power to eliminate contestants and nominate them for expulsion.

More information on casting and registration is available at

Launched in 1999, Big Brother soon became a worldwide TV phenomenon, with more than 40 editions in 100 countries drawing over two billion viewers per year.

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