Ballerinas on stage in Hanoi

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A contemporary dance performance, entitled "Minus," will take place at the Hanoi Opera House on Thursday, January 20.

The performance, which includes dancers from the Vietnamese Opera Ballet Theater, was choreographed by award-winning Vietnamese-British choreographer and dancer Nguyen Ngoc Anh, who has developed his own unique choreographic voice throughout his career in the UK and elsewhere.

The performance will boast music composed by world-renowned electronic musician Scanner and Italian composer Ezio Bosso, with costumes designed by well-known Vietnamese designer La Hang.

This original encounter between these artists from varied backgrounds and cultures promises to deliver an enriching and deeply moving experience.

The theme of the performance touches on the relationship between humans and the world around them, where technology and information are the dominating forces driving daily lives.

The characters long to escape into illusions of a better world where they can flee from their own reality.

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