Australian dancers to perform in Hanoi

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The Perth-based performing arts collective, Remnant Dance, will bring their original contemporary dance works and films from the Australian outback to Hanoi on June 23.

In a press release from the group, Lucinda Coleman, Remnant Dance founder and choreographer, said she was excited about bringing Australian contemporary dancers to Hanoi, where there is a long history and appreciation of dance.

"Dance is powerful form of art and communication that can link people and cultures in the most unexpected ways."

"The creative process transcends cultural and linguistic differences and allows for human connectivity through one of the most powerful of human faculties: the imagination," says Coleman.

Remnant Dance will perform "Small Pieces, A Gift" at the Youth Theater of Vietnam, starting at 8 p.m.

They will also host a cultural exchange dance workshop with the Youth Theater's dancers on June 28.

"We are looking forward to experiencing the passion the Vietnamese have for their own dance and cultural heritage and sharing our own," Coleman says.

Remnant Dance is visiting the Vietnamese capital city in preparation for their 2014 Asia Tour. For more information, please visit

The Youth Theater is located at 11 Ngo Thi Nham Street, Hanoi. Entrance is free.

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