Artifacts from 12th century tower on display

TN News

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Over 58 tons of artifacts were unearthed from Champa Mam Tower in the central province of Binh Dinh after a three-month excavation, according to a report by local archeologists at the province's museum on September 27.

Experts from the provincial museum, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Vietnam Museum of History, excavated the 1,000 square meter site digging to a depth of 1.8-2 meters, Vietnam News Agency reported.

The artifacts include sculptured works created during the 10th-15th century, according to the agency. They are images of sacred animals and gods from the Champa Kingdom belief system such as the dragon, lion, Makata, Garuda, Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. The sacred artifacts are displayed alongside daily tools, devices, and house decorations.

More importantly, the group unearthed the site's foundation, which confirms the important architecture and history of the tower, Vietnam News Agency said.

Mam Tower, which is believed to be built during 12th to 13th century, was discovered by a French archeologist in 1933.  It was then abandoned for 77 years and deformed over time from weather.

All artifacts are now in display at the province's museum.

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