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A two-day music and art installation by artist Dao Anh Khanh opened in Hanoi Wednesday with twenty singers giving freestyle vocal performances as 50 dancers “decoded” the music with their body movements.

Cau am thanh (Sound Bridge), funded by the Danish Cultural Development and Exchange Fund, features a 500-meter bridge made of bamboo, which acts as a stage suspended in mid-air. The other stage, also made of bamboo, is a 25-meter-high structure with four stage levels

The event features performances by the pioneers of Vietnamese contemporary music, including Tri Minh, Xuan Son, Nguyen Van Cuong, and Ngoc Dai, as well as artists from Europe and America.

Local pop stars Thanh Lam and Tung Duong, rock stars Le Tien Dat and Nguyen Hong Long, and Nguyen Hong Giang, who performs noise music, also shared the stage.

Khanh, wearing a white jumpsuit, looked like a witch with long white nails as he sang and danced on the top tier of the second stage.

Bright nylon, flashlights and fire were all a part of the show.

Khanh is known for organizing the annual Dao Xuan (Re-spring) event, an esoteric mixture of installation and eccentric visual arts. This was his sixth Dao Xuan.

 â€œI hope that the concert will bring a music world full of energy to audience,” Khanh said before the concert. “They will come not only to see the beauty of a colorful bridge in the air. I want them to ‘see’ music through artists’ singing and lissome curves of the bridge. An enormous vitality will flare up within them.”

The concert took place outside Studio Anh Khanh at 7/462 Ngoc Thuy Alley, Long Bien District.

The first night was open for invited guests only while the second night is free to the public and starts at 7:30 p.m.

The concert is the second event in Khanh’s “Dong chay 1000 Nam” (1000-year-old stream) program to celebrate Hanoi’s 1,000th birthday.

The debut event, Hoi tu Anh sang (Convergence of Light), took place in October 2009. It was an installation of sculpture, paintings and video clips.

The final and biggest event, Cay Doi (Life Tree) will be a large-scale installation accompanying an art performance in October this year.

Source: Agencies

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