Armani issues 'legs are back' decree


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Armani issues 'legs are back' decree


Time to reach for the razor: Giorgio Armani says legs are back.
The Milanese master of understated elegance wants his legions of female fans to get a little showy next summer.
And a perfect pair of pins will be the must-have accessory for wearing the 2016 collection from Emporio Armani, his younger and more affordable line.
Unveiled in Milan on Friday, it is unusually rich in a range of what the company described as "sunburnt shades" -- flesh pink, cinnamon and peach -- at the expense of its signature grey-beige "greige".
The collection is also packed with floaty, diaphanous materials designed to flutter and flatter in seaside breezes and complement the colour palette.
Minis, Bermudas and cut-off shorts are cut just above mid-thigh and are frequently paired with asymmetric jackets and dresses, tailored to the waist at the front but featuring long tails.
Next year's Emporio woman "shows her legs or reveals them through veils and transparencies," Armani himself said in his notes on the collection.
Accessories extend the theme of a woman ready for a bit of adventure with a good-to-go set of bowling bags, backpacks and peep-toe booties.
English pop group Black's eighties hit "It's a Wonderful Life" resonated round the Teatro Armani to drive home the "time to enjoy living" theme.
 Models present creations for fashion house Giorgio Armani at the Men Spring-Summer 2016 Milan's Fashion Week on June 23, 2015
Blumarine struck a similar attitude with a mix-and-match collection celebrating offbeat originality.
Designer Anna Molinari said she had taken her inspiration from the kind of woman who "follows the rules dictated by instinct, not by conventions."
The kind of woman who can throw a bomber jacket over an embroidered jacket, as Molinari did here, or match sturdy canvas slacks with the most delicate of silk blouses.
As at Emporio Armani, many of the silhouettes were airy and elongated and the diaphanous envelope was pushed even further with a string of see-through tops.
For Molinari, it seems, it is not only legs that need to be on show next summer.

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