Ao dai show at the 2014 Hue festival

TN News

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The theme of the ao dai show at this year Hue Festival is “the world in Vietnamese traditional dress.”

18 countries were selected as the inspiration for local designers.

The festival has presented more than 600 ao dai designs in 18 collections.

The designers have infused into each collection the breath of life, architecture and culture of the country they selected.

Designer Phan Quang Tan puts fog and UK royal architecture into his designs.

His colleague Viet Bao chose Argentina as he decorated his designs with tango beats.

Sy Hoang decorates the United States with hand drawings on his designs.

Designer Minh Hanh, chief director of the show, said this year event introduced many new and unique ao dai designs that reflect Vietnam’s integration spirit.

The ao dai show is part of the biennial Hue Festival 2014, which gathers nearly 100 artistic programs to highlight distinctive culture of different regions across Vietnam as well as the world.

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