Antique statues on display in Vietnam's first Buddhist culture museum

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A unique collection of antique Buddha statues and associated artefacts will be displayed at a Buddhist culture museum, the first of its kind in Vietnam, in the central city of Da Nang later this month.
The museum, located inside Quan The Am Pagoda, will open to the public on December 24, news website VnExpress reported.
The pagoda’s management board said it was keeping more than 500 statues but only 200 of which will be showcased given the museum’s area.
Some of the objects on display can be considered national treasures, the board said.
The museum will be inaugurated on December 24. Photo credit: VnExpress 
Some statues of Buddha in the museum. Photo credit: VnExpress
Some statues of Buddha in the museum. Photo credit: VnExpress
A lacquer painting made with mother-of-pearl inlaid depicts the Buddha attaining Nirvana. Photo credit: VnExpress
An amber Buddha statue. Photo credit: VnExpress
The statue of thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara
The bronze statue of four-armed Avalokiteśvara, dated back to the 7th-9th century
A Cham-style Buddha statue made of iron. Photo credit: VnExpress
A set of eight bronze statues. Photo credit: VnExpress
 The statues on display are categorized based on their styles and materials. Photo credit: VnExpress
The material used to make this statue is still unknown. Photo credit: VnExpress
Other antiques in the museum. Photo credit: VnExpress

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