Ancient Vietnam on display in New York

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Rare and ancient works of Vietnamese art are on display at the Asia Society and Museum in New York until May 2.

The exhibition titled "Arts of Ancient Vietnam: From River Plain to Open Sea" includes 110 objects dating from the first millennium B.C. through the 17th century. The objects are borrowed from eight museums in Vietnam.

Among the objects from the central province of Quang Nam, former home to the Champa and Sa Huynh cultures, are the Buddhist statue of Dharmapala, a Sri Lankan Buddhist statue made of copper, and special Chu Dau Pottery objects found on Cham Island off the coast of Hoi An, a historic port town that was at the turn of the 17th century one of Southeast Asia's largest trade centers.

"The four sections of the exhibition explore the varying roles of trade and cultural exchange in the early cultures of Dong Son in the north and Sa Huynh in central and southern Vietnam; the trading cities of Fu Nan; the polities of Champa; and the port town of Hoi An," according to the Asia Society and Museum website.

A similar exhibition was held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston from September 13, 2009 till January 3, 2010.

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