Ancient artifacts discovered in Ha Tinh

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A pair of millennia-old pots has been found and put on display at the Ha Tinh Provincial Museum in central Vietnam.

Le Ba Hanh, the museum's deputy director, said the objects were 2,000 years old.

He said one three-legged copper pot belonged to northern Vietnam's Dong Son Culture while the other ceramic pot came from the Sa Huynh culture, which was located further south.

One of the 45-cm tall copper pot's legs was broken, but the relic was still attached to two straps used to carry it.

The pot was in good shape and still polished, demonstrating the sophisticated casting techniques of the time.

The ancient 50-cm tall ceramic pot is still intact.

Hanh said that the two unique ancient artifacts had been discovered by villagers in Nghi Xuan District, near the Phoi Phoi-Bai Coi archaeological site at Xuan Vien commune in Ha Tinh.

Locals picked up the copper pot while collecting waste and sold it to teacher Nguyen Ninh, who then offered the object to the museum on May 6, 2010.

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