Altered Cloud seeks to heighten heritage preservation awareness in central Vietnam

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A sculpture exhibition featuring a block shaped like a cloud that transforms into a water monster (15 x 6 x 4 m) with many arms is now open in the ancient royal capital of Hue in the central region.


Opened on March 15, "Altered Cloud" is made of aluminum beverage cans and is exhibited as floating on the surface of the Tinh Tam lake (literally Lake of the Serene Heart), which was one of the most beautiful landscapes of the capital city but is now seriously encroached upon and polluted.


According to a press release from exhibition organizer Hue University of Arts, the event is expected to start an interactive move towards changing the landscape of Tinh Tam Lake.


In the past few decades, there have been no projects or policies to restore the lake, only intrusions for private benefit without cultural awareness, the release said.


"Therefore, the appearance of the sculpture in a special location aims to attract public attention, create unusual feelings, and suggest ideas for broad discussions on the development of a heritage city."


In addition, the show aims to call the attention of the public as well as concerned institutions to the problems of heritage intrusion and environmental pollution in Hue.


Altered Cloud will be displayed until March 29.


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