All time great DJ to perform in Hanoi

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Reknowned DJ Eddie Halliwell of the UK will perform at electro music show Heineken Green Planet on Sep 24 in Hanoi, according to Heineken's website.


Halliwell is an International Trance DJ, who was named DJ of the year by leading dance music magazine Mixmag in 2003 and 2005.


He is a former resident DJ for BBC Radio 1, hosting his own weekly show, and has been recognised as "as one of brightest talents of his generation", according to the website


Mixmag nominated Eddie Halliwell in its 2010's 'Greatest DJ Of All Time' poll. He received notable support from dance legend and pioneer Judge Jules, who said, "Eddie looks into people's eyes and he performs. Incredible stage performance, incredible skills, and an almost telepathic ability to read a crowd Eddie's got everything."


In his whole career until then he had never made an original track, only remixes. But on August 28, 2011 he released his debut single called "Neon".


The annual Heineken Green Planet 2011, featuring leading DJs, will take place at Gallery 42, Trang Tien, Hanoi.


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