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Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines all around the world, and some of the best Italian dishes come from Lazio, a west-central region on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

That's why Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel has launched La Cucina Del Lazio (Lazio cuisine) at the Opera Restaurant, where customers can sample the best Italy has to offer April 2-11.

Chef Michele hopes to spread the culinary essence of his country far and wide by offering a range of Lazio-inspired cuisine.

Lazio, which includes the Italian capital of Rome, embraces all that's spectacular about Italian architecture, art and history. Remains of the Roman Empire can be found in the picturesque small towns and hills of Lazio, as well as in the mossy castles, dangerous caves, mountain passes and hills along the Sea.

The region is famous for its beautiful, large beaches, fertile deltas, dreamlike hills, and not any less for its fantastic food. Cuisine is one of Italian culture's most definitive traits. It is so representative of local characteristics that Italians often use the saying: "Dimmi come mangi e ti diro chi sei," which means "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are."

Michele at Opera will be using the freshest ingredients to reflect the land's specific flavors authentically right here in Vietnam.

The party starts with parmesan crusted mortadella which is used with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, salty anchovy and tomato sauce, all of which are specific Lazio dishes.

The harmony of creamy cheese and the savory taste of the anchovies create a rich flavor while the tomato salsa brings in the freshness.

Next is the gnoccetti with mushroom and cheese, a pasta dish that represents the taste of Lazio. To get your taste buds flowing, imagine juicy, grilled rack of lamb prepared with the sophisticated flavor of white wine, bay leaves, rosemary and garlic, served with succulent baked eggplant.

A perfect way to finish the meal is with a "Zuccotta al caffe" rum orange sponge cake, served with coffee ice cream.

To understand a true Italian experience, book seats in advance and be sure to enjoy seconds along with families, colleagues or friends at Opera Restaurant at 2 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

For more information about booking, contact the Opera Restaurant by phone: (08) 3 520 2357 or by email:

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