Advertisements in Saigon, before 1975

Thanh Nien News

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Billboards advertising medicine on a street in Saigon in southern Vietnam. The French brought advertisements to Saigon and the industry boomed after 1954. Photo credit: VnExpress
 A tram car carries many advertisements, including one for coffins (Hòm).
"Con Cop” (Tiger) soft drink makes you feel you are in a rocket, according to this ad in a newspaper. The brand was very popular in the city before 1975. 
 People have to plant rice to eat, and this ad for Hynos toothpaste says it will make sure you will not have to do the same with teeth.
 A soap advertisement which claims it’s the only one that is good and cheap.
 But this one says this soap has been widely agreed as better than all others.
 A horse cart carries a movie billboard on what is now outside An Dong Street, District 5.
 An advertisement for a tailor shop. It says the shop's owner, Phan Ba Luong, is one of the best tailors who can satisfy any customers, even who are fastidious about dress.
Lambretta, a popular brand of motorbike in Saigon in the mid 20th century and one that is still fancied by many people.  
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on VnExpress.

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