Acclaimed self-taught artist Thu Ha to hold commemorative exhibit

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A special commemorative exhibition of Tran Thi Thu Ha's art will take place at her private gallery Dec. 10. 

Titled "Tran Thi Thu Ha Twenty Years in Art", the exhibition will showcase 65 of director Ha's works, including the first piece she created in 1991, as well her latest efforts from earlier this month. 

The exhibition will be Ha's farewell to the local art scene and the last event held at Tu Do Gallery - Vietnam's first private gallery, which opened in 1989.

Over the years, Tu Do Gallery has exhibited the works of many talented Vietnamese artists.

After the exhibition, Ha plans to close Tu Do Gallery and open a gallery with the same name in America.

The self-taught artist from Hue has created 400 paintings, among which 300 have been sold. Her artwork has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions throughout Vietnam, as well as in Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Singapore and America.

Surrounded by her life's work, one day she realized the paintings had become a part of her.

Ha began her career using a painter's knife, a very difficult tool to master. However, she learned quickly and earned the praise of art lovers. Over the years, she has become even more acclaimed than many professional artists.

Though her subject matter is often familiar, such as portraits and still life, her works contain deeper undercurrents of meaning, according to artist Nguyen Tuan Khanh (aka Rung), a close colleague of the 59-year-old director.

"Tran Thi Thu Ha has been an artist painter, from her very first paintings. I was surprised the first time I saw her paintings. Though still unsophisticated, they already exhibited a distinctive and authentic style."

"For an artist painter, one of the greatest challenges is to create your own style. For those who succeeded at this, one can take a look at their paintings and recognize them right away, without having to look at the signature," Rung wrote on Tu Do Gallery's website.

"I admit my opinions, rather than being polished, have been more reminiscent in light of Thu Ha's upcoming commemoration of her 20 years in the Arts."

Ha's works are also available online, at the gallerty's website:

Tu Do Gallery is located on 53 Ho Tung Mau Street, Dist 1, HCMC. The exhibition will run until January 4.

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