Abstract Expressionism artist presents artworks in Hanoi

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A solo exhibition, "It's all the same everywhere,"  by artist Hoang Duy Vang opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi on November 2-5.


The exhibition will feature both the abstract landscapes and expressionistic scenes on canvas that capture the dramatic movement of life.


The scenes also reflect the artist's improvised forceful gesture, and the element of dynamism and extremely strong application of paint as well, according to the organizer.


The paintings in the exhibition are not only connected to each other by their visual vocabulary, but they also speak to the exhibited art objects/sculptures that share the similar vivid coloration. Through their obvious yet formal symbolism, the paintings define the personality of the artist himself.


According to art critic Natalia Kraevskaia, who was quoted in the organizer's press release, "The title of the exhibition refers to the artist's concern about the reality surrounding him. For Hoang Duy Vang "˜the same' doesn't mean staying same in the stream of time, it's about the universal comprehensive and everlasting process of change, transformation and metamorphosis in our life."


"Hoang Duy Vang's new series of work is very different," Kraevskaia continued. "His bright colored canvases remind us of the chaotic world of Jackson Pollocks' energetic paintings, which have been called "action paintings" or "gesture paintings."


"Like the great American master, Vang puts an emphasis on the dynamics created by the festival of lines, strong brush strokes and vivid chromatic spectrum. Abandoning the traditional concept of the composition and of central motif, the young artist plays with chaotic lines and unfinished shapes in order to convey the fluidity and changeability of reality, and to transfer his most personal feelings directly to the canvas," Kraevskaia said.


Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is located on 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hanoi.


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