A tale of two contests

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After being turned away from this year's Miss Bikini International contest, 20-yearold model Nguyen Do Bac Linh has sought the crowns of Miss Vietnam and Miss Vietnam World.

The up-and-coming model will need a local title before competing internationally, officials have determined. Ideally, Linh would like to compete in both competitions, but logistical problems won't allow for it. She's facing some tough decisions.

Since she was told she couldn't compete in the Miss Bikini International contest, Linh has been preparing for the next Miss Vietnam contest. Miss Vietnam regulations prohibit contestants from competing elsewhere.

But she has already been chosen as one of 24 semifinalists for the Miss Vietnam World competition in the South Eastern Zone.

According to Linh, her manager was the one who decided to double-enter her in two beauty contests that will overlap in mid-August.

The registration deadline for the Miss Vietnam contest is July 15.

If she gets knocked out of the Miss Vietnam contest, Linh will pursue Miss Vietnam World to the end.

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