A show of national heroes, treasures premiere in Hanoi

TN News

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The exhibition, "Vietnam's national heroes and cultural celebrities," will run until December 31 at the Museum of Vietnam's Revolution. In addition to Trai's portrait, the exhibit will include more than 500 works.

One notable item is a massive calligraphic compilation of the country's three famous declarations of independence: Nam quoc son ha (Mountains and rivers of the southern country) written in 1077 by

general Ly Thuong Kiet; Binh Ngo dai cao (Great proclamation upon the pacification of the Wu) in 1428 by Nguyen Trai; and Tuyen ngon doc lap (The proclamation of independence) in 1945 by Ho Chi Minh.

The book weighs over 300 kilograms, is 0.84 meter wide and 2.04 meters long.

Other objects include the famous "Uncle Ho and children," an image painted in blood by Diep Minh Chau in 1947.

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