3D film relives 200-year-old elephant-tiger fights in Hue

TN News

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A short 3D film by a South Korean culture agency will be screened at Hue Festival this year highlighting the tiger and elephant arena as one of the UNESCO-labeled relics of the ancient capital of Hue.

Titled Ho quyen (Tiger fighting arena), the movie features the ho quyen relic, which was created by King Minh Mang in 1834. It is one of the relics that led to Hue becoming a UNESCO world heritage site and is the only one of its kind remaining in Southeast Asia.

In eight minutes, the movie will show a tiger and elephant fight inside ho quyen as it used to happen.

The elephant is a symbol of royal power in Asia. Fights between an elephant and tiger started in 1750 as a form of entertainment, typically taking place at festivals. An arena was built after several accidents with casualties occurred and the tradition ended in 1904.

The movie was made by South Korea General Department of Cultural Heritage based on the current condition of the relic, people's stories, excavation results and studies by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, which received the movie on Monday.

The Korean agency invested US$100,000 in making the film from June last year.

Hue Festival will last from June 5 until June 13. Screening of the movie is free.

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