100 bronze drums to accompany Hanoi birthday song

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A hundred bronze drums will accompany a chorus of 150 singers on the opening day of Hanoi's 1,000th anniversary celebrations in October.

Ngan nam Thang Long noi trong Lac Hong (Lac Hong drums rise for a thousand years of Thang Long), was composed by Nguyen Cuong in two months.

Hanoi was called Thang Long a thousand years ago when the place first became Vietnam's capital and Lac Hong referred to the Vietnamese people at the time.

Cuong, famous in the Central Highlands for his gong songs, said he has felt for years that Vietnam's rebellious and brave spirit lies in these songs and instruments.

"When I came to Thanh Hoa, and heard the sound of the bronze drums, I realized Vietnam's spirit lies in that sound," he said.

According to the plan, 150 singers from Military Arts School will sing the song accompanied only by bronze drums.

Vietnam's bronze drums were produced from about 600 BC or earlier until the third century AD. They are one of the finest examples of Vietnam's metalworking. Some of the famous drums bear patterns reflecting the history of the country's culture and production.

Hanoi's millennial birthday celebrations will last until October 10, also the main day.

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